The beauty that is Powerlifting

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My name is Anna and I have been an athlete all my life. I am 20 years old and Powerlifting and Track and field are what I currently participate in. I'm on the Auburn University track and field team. My best lifts are 585 squat 320 Bench and 480 deadlift :)
You can Find anything about me on the websites of WestCary Barbell and unbreakable gear.

Im here to tell you about my journey but also spread the word of other's accomplishments. Feel free to share! As a lifter involved in the sport, I would really like to spread the word and get more young women involved!


I feel like the most pathetic girl in the whole world. I’ve been worrying about the stupidest thing for 2 days now and Finalllllllyyyyyyy……wooo it came through :)

Now I don’t have to feel so love sickĀ 

because thats how I felt

it was awful.

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